About Us

A Standard Of Excellence

CSRA Probation Services, Inc.  has demonstrated a “standard of excellence” in the field of court services. We are uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of community supervision options to local courts, counties, and cities. From managing a hands-on supervision program to assisting with administrative support, we strive to provide a direct benefit to the court, the offender, and the community.

CSRA Probation Services, Inc. is registered with the Misdemeanor Probation Oversight Unit. We meet or exceed all qualifications and standards established for private probation providers. We maintain liability insurance and all employees are bonded.


~ Community Corrections Association of Georgia (founding member)

~ American Probation and Parole Association

~ American Correctional Association

~ Georgia Professional Association of Community Supervision

~ Mothers Against Drunk Driving

~ Georgia Sheriffs Association (honorary member)

~ National Association of Drug Court Professionals

~ International Community Corrections Association

~Corrections Technology Association