Smartphone Supervision App


Statistics show that the most common probation violation resulting in a warrant is failure to report, and that the most common reasons for failure to report are lack of transportation and conflict(s) with a probationer's work schedule. In an effort to assist probationers in overcoming these challenges, we have developed Georgia probation's first smartphone application. Our app allows probationers to report-in and make payments directly from their smartphone.

* Increase Offender Accountability

* Increase Offender Compliance

* Increase Offender Convenience

* Increase Agency Cost Savings

* Increase Collections


• Native iOS and Android APP

• Customizable question and answer interaction

• Automated photo and voice registry for identity confirmation

• Integrated calendaring and reporting notifications

• Reminders / communications via SMS Text Messaging

• Geo-Location Tracking

• Online payments

• Can be fully integrated with 2-way data flow between offender and OMS

• Industry standard and secure communication protocols

• Open ended platform can be integrated with 3rd party databases