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Basic Probation: Offenders receive community based supervision as dictated by the sentencing court. This supervision may include: office visits, fine/fee/restitution collections, counseling, community service, substance abuse testing, and/or other conditions as deemed necessary by the court. We monitor each condition and provide status reports to the court as needed. In the event of a failure to comply, we handle necessary paperwork and scheduling to proceed with hearings for possible revocation of probation. At CSRA Probation Services, Inc. we have a track record of providing superior supervision services while maximizing collections for the courts.

Pretrial Diversion: An alternative for qualified offenders to divert from the traditional court process and enter into a specialized program which provides the opportunity of resolution without the imposition of a criminal conviction. We provide close supervision of these cases with the tenets of basic probation supervision as well as additional terms as imposed. We monitor programs and conditions that are more rehabilitative in nature. This program provides an opportunity for those with no criminal history to learn behavioral change and responsibility without the stigma of a criminal conviction that could impede future opportunities. CSRA Probation Services, Inc. is experienced in the development and supervision of Pretrial Diversion Programs and can handle all functions of such a program.

Bond Supervision: Individuals arrested for new offenses may be required to participate in this program as a condition of bond release. The conditions of the program are set by the releasing judge. This program normally has conditions specific to the offense for which an individual is charged. Common offenses and conditions are: Drug Offenses- drug testing, Family Violence- counseling/no contact, Shoplifting/Theft- stay away provisions. At CSRA Probation Services, Inc. we handle bond supervision in numerous courts and have the flexibility to provide specific supervision strategies as required by each jurisdiction.

Accountability Courts: These courts are designed to address specific social issues that manifest themselves in the traditional court setting. Common accountability courts include DUI courts, Drug Courts, Family Violence Courts and Mental Health Courts. It has been shown that if the underlying cause of the criminal action can be addressed, the probability of recidivism is greatly reduced. The combined efforts of intervention, counseling, and supervision are the components of these courts that work together to rehabilitate offenders. CSRA Probation Services, Inc. has participated in each training conference held in Georgia. We have assisted in the start-up of courts and have worked in all areas of court procedure- from grant writing to offender supervision.

Special Conditions: Each level of supervision has standard program conditions that all offenders are required to comply with. Often, special conditions are imposed as an additional component of a program. At CSRA Probation Services, Inc we are experienced in the development and supervision of such conditions. Some common special conditions may be drug testing, community service, or counseling. We have the capability of providing, developing, or referring to qualified programs as dictated by the court.


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