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Electronic Monitoring: The use of radio frequency electronic monitoring has allowed the courts to present a home confinement option as an alternative to incarceration. As a condition of a sentence, electronic monitoring ensures that an offender remains at a designated location as ordered. The monitoring equipment consists of an ankle bracelet worn by the offender and a receiver which is located in the offenders place of residence. If an offender violates the order of home confinement, a 24/7 monitoring center is alerted, which in turn notifies the appropriate authorities. At CSRA Probation Services, Inc. we have utilized electronic monitoring in every supervision program we serve and are well versed in application and operation of electronic monitoring.

Drug Testing: As the CEO of CSRA Probation Services, Inc has served as a Drug Testing Specialist for the State of Georgia, it is easy to understand that drug testing technology is a high priority. We understand that drug testing is a valuable tool that can be used to assist offenders in the successful completion of their sentences. We also understand the need to keep pace with the latest in technology and training in the drug testing field. Drug Testing has always been a high priority at CSRA Probation Services, Inc and we strive to provide the latest in equipment and training.

Global Positioning Satellite: GPS provides for the constant monitoring of an offenders whereabouts. This option allows for a home confinement option coupled with the possibility of allowing offenders the opportunity to travel to verifiable destinations. This option can allow offenders to be confined while allowing them to work, attend school, or seek medical treatment. This option can allow an offender to progress through a treatment program, yet be under constant monitoring as to their whereabouts. Such a program can be extremely beneficial for a defendant, yet is also very cost effective for a court system.

Alcohol Monitoring: At CSRA Probation Services, Inc., we have the capability to perform alcohol testing at various supervision levels. From traditional breathalyzer screens, to urine detection of alcohol levels, to constant monitoring through a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring System (SCRAM) which uses transdermal technology, we have the capability to provide alcohol monitoring on any required level.

SCRAMx: At CSRA Probation Services, Inc., we understand that different offenders may require different levels of monitoring. Often there is a need for some offenders to be confined to their homes during certain hours of the day. With SCRAMx, we can provide both CAM and house arrest, integrated into one device.


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