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Collection Services: Many cities, counties, and courts have outstanding monies owed to them but have been unable to collect. Often, there is insufficient manpower and/or resources to devote to the collection of such debts as unpaid tickets, fines, or court fees. At CSRA Probation Services, Inc., we are experienced in the field of collections. We can provide needed relief to cities, counties, and courts which are overburdened due to budget restrictions, lack of personnel, or exploding court dockets. In addition to providing manpower relief, our track record shows that we can also make substantial progress in the collection of any outstanding balances owed.

Indigent Defense: When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Alabama vs Shelton that each criminal court must provide legal defense to any indigent defendant charged with an offense that carries the possibility of confinement, the fiscal implications nationwide were astronomical. While the State of Georgia funds a system for Superior/Juvenile Courts, all other courts are responsible to fund/operate their own programs. Prior to State operation, CSRA Probation Services, Inc was the only private entity in the State of Georgia operating an indigent defense system. We have the experience and knowledge to organize and administer a system for a court in order to comply with the tenets set out by the Supreme Court. Additionally, our program does not interrupt court flow and minimizes the expense associated with providing public defenders.

Program Development: CSRA Probation Services, Inc is willing to work with cities, counties, and courts in the development of programs as requested. In many instances, governmental agencies may need to add or refine a program in order to comply with state rules/laws or simply to become more efficient. We can consult in the design and implementation of most court related programs. From setting-up a community service program to organizing a Drug Court, we have the expertise to assist on whatever level is requested.

Case Management Technical Support: Caseload management at CSRA Probation Services, Inc. is handled by a specialized probation management computer program. This program was developed by CSRA Probation Services, Inc for the purpose of tracking and monitoring those individuals under supervision. Additionally, our program tracks all conditions of a case and generates needed reports as well as necessary forms. Our program can be quickly and easily adjusted to focus on specific target areas as requested.

Pre-sentence Investigations: CSRA Probation Services, Inc. can provide assistance to the courts by completing presentence investigations as requested. We typically start a report with a complete criminal records check. We can also include information on financial, family, medical, and employment background. Taken in a total context, this information is a great assistance in determining a fair sentence for an offender.


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