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Community Corrections Association of Georgia

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CSRA Probation Services, Inc./Georgia Corrections Corporation has demonstrated a standard of excellence in the field of court services. We are uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of community supervision options to local courts, counties, and cities. Our services are generally offender funded which results in no cost to the courts or the taxpayers. We provide services that result in significant savings to the cities, counties, and courts that we serve. Our services, from managing a hands-on supervision program to assisting with administrative support, provide a direct benefit to the court, the offender, and the community.

The company was established in response to a need for local, privatized misdemeanor probation services due to a state policy of suspending misdemeanor probation services. Since inception, the company has grown to serve over 60 courts and provides various specialty and administrative functions. The overall focus has evolved from basic misdemeanor probation supervision to include a broad spectrum of community supervision programs.

CSRA Probation Services, Inc./Georgia Corrections Corporation is registered with the County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council of Georgia. We meet or exceed all qualifications and standards established for private probation providers. We maintain liability insurance and all employees are bonded.



Michael Popplewell is President of CSRA Probation Services, Inc./Georgia Corrections Corporation. He is a graduate of Augusta College with degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice. He has over 30 years experience in the field of community supervision, serving for almost 18 years as a probation officer for the State of Georgia and over 13 years in the private sector. During his tenure with the State of Georgia, Popplewell served in such capacities as Transfer Officer, Probation Officer II, Intensive Probation Supervisor, Drug Testing Specialist, and Public Information Officer. He is a founding member of the Private Probation Association of Georgia. Popplewell was instrumental in the creation of the Burke County DUI/Drug Court and continues to serve as a team member for the program. Under his direction CSRA Probation Services, Inc. developed a comprehensive probation management system, created and implemented a "lower" court indigent defense program, and initiated a "Programs" division providing a variety of community-minded alternatives to incarceration. In addition to providing superior services, Popplewell takes great pride in presenting flexibility and innovation as company strengths.

Ginny D. Kent is Director of Operations for CSRA Probation Services, Inc., /Georgia Corrections Corporation. She began her career in the court services industry as a probation officer with CSRA in January 1999. She was named Region Manager in 2003 and Director of Operations in 2007. During her tenure at CSRA she has worked in various areas of general client supervision, indigent defense administration, pre-trial diversion and bond supervision program coordination, drug testing training and certification and electronic monitoring. Kent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology/Social Work from Georgia Southern University. 
Margie Greene is Director of Business Development for CSRA Probation Services, Inc./Georgia Corrections Corporation, and founder of Georgia Corrections Corporation (GCC) where she served as CEO and Director of Probation for fifteen years. Greene previously served as Chief Clerk of Court for Monroe County Probate Court. Her vast court administrative experience enabled her to develop a high quality probation service based on individual court needs. In 2009, GCC received distinctive recognition from the County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council as a “stellar” probation service. Greene obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Tift College at Mercer University.



Corporate offices:

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